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Why 23
We are a small family owned company, providing sporting apparel to teens and adult athletes and to those athletically inspired. We create comfortable and sustainable sporting apparel. From that we create opportunities for others. We aim to inspire kids to become teenage athletes through our sports camps, and support teenage entrepreneurs in pursuing their visions. 

The vision of TwentyThree began with Canyon, a 16 year old and his desire to create sporting apparel. In his Sophomore year Canyon was a high school football defensive back, wearing the #23,  was being recruited as a Safety for Division 1 Colleges. 

From the age of three, Canyon showed a natural desire for the game. He begged to play "tackle football" but the only option was flag football at the local YMCA. Starting the first game he would pull the flag then hit the opposing player with his now legendary tackles. 

During elementary and middle school his ability appeared effortless but his determination was intentional. He had the mindset of a competitor. Entering highschool as a part of the class of 2023 the competition for his position was elite. HIs mind for the game remained strong and this is where the work began. He had to be dedicated; he had to be competitive; he had to be elite.

TwentyThree sports wants to inspire the dedication, the spirit of competition, and tenacity, in all athletes and those who are athletic minded.

 TwentyThree aims to inspire other teenage entrepreneurs by supporting other businesses starting up based on a teenager's vision.